Friday, 24 September 2010

#Words !!!


I walked into the sea, wading in until the water was over my head.

Deeper and deeper i swam until out of air i drowned.
For a long time i remained in the dark waters twisting and turning slowly in the currents.all was black and very quite and finally time stopped.

Gradually the sea bottom rose and the water became shallow and warm and there was a glimmer of light from the sun. Feeling something stirring within me i realized i was still alive. I began to swim towards the surface, towards the light. Ever upward, at first feebly, gradually stronger, until with broad strokes of my wings I burst into the sunlight.

Shimmering droplets of water cascaded down my back as I rose into the air finally free of the darkness of the depths.
To hell and back I have journeyed, but I am one of the lucky few---I have returned. something is very different though. Where before i merely walked on the earth now I fly on the wind. Soaring and swooping with ease, faster and faster i fly with a joy that knows no bounds. Look over your shoulder. See me silhouetted against the sun.
I'm an eagle
I'm a grand eagle
And i have come home.

Dedicated to beloved Janis L Rasheeda
thx for delivering me Home..;)


Elang eby