Monday, 15 November 2010

Easton: Comrade's Playlist

Comrade is a form of categorization or label mean “Partner” or “Friend,”. Furthermore, it’s a minimalist concept of art called Appreciation and they called it EASTON COMRADE. Easton Comrade is our appreciation to those who lives in Indonesia either outside Indonesia and managed to make various great works. It doesn’t have to be musician, but everyone with great reputation and, of course, good character in creating something deserves to be an Easton Comrade. As an original product of Indonesian youth, and very proud about “Eastern,” it is common if we give a positive appreciation to Eastern people (read: Indonesian) who makes other people’s countries or Indonesia itself as creation and expression fields.

Creative, classy works is a good reason for this appreciation We have several names who has chosen as EASTON COMRADE:
1. Zeke Khaseli (Art Musician) – Easton Comrade for Jakarta, Indonesia
2. The Trees and The Wild (Band) – Easton Comrade for Jakarta, Indonesia
3. Jag Jago & Memby Jago of The Ghost of a Thousand (Band) – Easton Comrades for Brighton, UK
4. Nutyas Surya Gumilang a.k.a NSG(Hip Hop Musician) – Easton Comrade for London, UK
5. Osvaldo Nugroho (DJ & Producer) – Easton Comrade for Beijing, China
6. Jojo Draven (Guitarist & Music Scorer) – Easton Comrade for Los Angeles, USA
7. Astrid Suryanto (Singer) – Easton Comrade for New York, USA
8. Dylan Sada (Photographer) – Easton Comrade for New York, USA
9. Sarasvati (Singer) – Easton Comrade for Auckland, New Zealand

Also Available at : SPIKESOUNDS RADIO

Thursday, 4 November 2010

EASTON SUMMEROFF Program before the New season come !!

It's end by Nov 15th 2010
so hurry up guys...!!

Just go straight to :