Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Cool Caps Is Cool ( Teaser Video )

A Teaser Video For : COOLCAPS

Aradaz VST plug in...Free...!!!

If you're into a Music Software here's some good news for you
it's a VST plug in For your guitar
and yess this VST was made by the lead singer of Bandung Pop punk experimental band called Disconnected
i've try one of them and it's sounds great
so happy trying guys..;);)

There a lot of great stuff on his blog
Here's the Blog : ARADAZ VST
Here's the Band : DISCONNECTED

and please donate for his work to show your support..!!
it's worthies

Friday, 11 June 2010

NSG is IN DA HOUSE YOOO..!!!brap brap brap..

yeaah finally meet the fat brilliant boy :: NSG yeahh yeaahh...brap

Just in case you don't know about him
he's an Indonesian who stay in London
He's a DJ Remixer
He's a Music Artist
He's a Producer Songwritter
He's a Video Blogger
And i really think he'll gonna be huge Out there with his Brilliant talent

here's some of his work
correct me if i'm wrong but i just think this is a lo-fi hip to the hop kind of stuff
this is the first video i saw a years ago

it's call BADMAN endjoy::

and the second video i saw is HOLD ME CLOSER
this one is my favorite even he said he doesn't really like this stuff
cos it's not so him he said...but whatever..;);)
it's a soulfull and powerfull track endjoy..::

and yes cos he's a Producer and a songwritter
he also produce some artist under his label NSGmusic
here's LOGIC with GET UP "freestyle" by NSG music
this one is Raw kind of stuff but yess i still love it as well..;)
Enjoy Logic ::

There's a tons of video on his Youtube channel :: NSG MUSIC
and check out his Blog too : :NSG UK

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Lucas and Sons surfboards x semipermanent ::>>pic video,etc

it was a homemade surfboard by Mr.Luki from Indicator shoes and also known as Co-Founder of Unkle347
he's the man behind these Brilliant Stuffs
knew him since::
he's a great piano teachers of mine and yes he's my fave Jazzmaster ,Cant't wait for the Resital Show someday soon Mr.Luckyluke..;);)

i found this on his garage workshop
here's the snapshot : :

More Picture and Fun : LUCAS AND SONS

Also we've made the Collaboration with them to Scoring Their Surfing Video
and maybe it's the gloomiest Surfing Video ever..;);)

So endjoy the video : :

Broken bells was broke me heart

i really love this (not so) new band
it was the shins and danger mouse fault..;)
here's the live set

More about them : BROKEN BELLS

Friday, 4 June 2010

EASTON Interview on Darahkubiru

Example :

Bisa diperkenalkan siapa saja dibalik brand anda?

We are team, and it’s called “THE SQUADRA”. Actually we’ve got different
interest but we put it on denim as an object to describe what we like.

ps:squadra=team....so we are the team's team..;););)

More interview : DARAHKUBIRU