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Sunday, 18 April 2010


See you there
and let's have some fun...;)


Friday, 16 April 2010

The Radio dept - Clinging to a scheme (a picture + a story = a free download)

This polaroid picture was taken in Eldorado Bandung during their soundcheck..a night before the concert..
so my range was less than an inch from them..i use polaroid double expusure land camera (acctually this camera is multiple exposure as much as you want it)..

when the film process was finish.. i showed it to mr.Johan duncanson (his faces quite surprised:) and he ask :Hey when you take this picture..??? and there's a chit chat of me and him...so i lend him a marker to put some caption for this picture...and again he said : OK i keep it first so i give it to you until i found the right caption!!...so i let him walkaway and doing the soundcheck..;)

yess we've meet again and he gave me this master picture then i ask to him : What is "Clinging to a scheme" anyway..???and he answer : i don't know maybe that's our next album titled...so on and so on..bla bla bla...

Two years after :

Just like he said....

The Radio dept - Clinging to a scheme (2010)

Fore more info and Legal Free Download : THE RADIO DEPT

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

PEONFX ( Singapore fixed gear connection)

What an Electronice stuff
Check them out check them out..!!

More info and details : PEONFX

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Polyester embassy Redesign Rehersal (relax.relax.practice.relax.play.records.relax.repeat)

Live Rehersal @Smooth studio
somewhere in February 2010

Here's the low straight fi video...enjoy..!!!

Pic and Video By : 86FRAMES

Easton April wallpaper contest...!!!


- You can send as many wallpapers as you like but must be your own work.

- Your name and the e-mail address must be valid, because we will contact you if you win before announcing the winners.

- We welcome any type of image, vectors, 3d, photos, etc with any concepts as long as it has EASTON word/element in it. You also may use our logo as part of your artwork.

- Please NO CLIP ART, even if you have purchased a user license.

- This contest is for wallpapers, we don't need big images such as tiff 300 dpi. A single jpg image with 1900x1200 72 dpi would be enough for
- This contest is for wallpapers, we don't need big images such as tiff 300 dpi. A single jpg image with 1900x1200 72 dpi would be enough for high resolution monitor.

- Mail your artwork to contact@thisiseaston.com with subject EASTON April Wallpaper Contest, and name your file with this format: YOUR-NAME-WALLPAPER-TITLE in 1900x1200 72 dpi resolution.

- The upload limit on this server is around 2 MBs. Send via YouSendIt to contact@thisiseaston.com if you have bigger size.

- Accepted extensions are: jpg, jpeg, bmp, png, eps, zip, rar, tar.gz

- All entries must be submitted before midnight 12AM GMT+7 April 20th 2010.

- We will open for voting in the 21st of April and announcing the winners on May 1st 2010, so invite your friends to vote your work.

- We will upload all the entries on our Flickr account after you send your artwork to us.


Monday, 12 April 2010

Cool caps is cool Join the crowd..!!!

Spindizzy Friday night at Roger's 
Here's some snapshot :

For more picture : COOL CAPS

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Fender Musicmaster Bass (mid 70's) FOR SALE..!!!

I'm not good at playing bass guitar so i decided to sell this one..:)
Here's the pic :

FYI :it's very fits for a women bassist by it size..;)

For serious buyer please contact me at :

Saturday, 10 April 2010

*Fleet foxes - Ragged wood Review

A New band released by Sub Pop and Bella union records...hmmm who's not interested to this releases..??;) consists of 5 peoples multi instrumentalist but it didn't make the band sounds boring.

Actually I hope this is a new release of "midlake" ... but other than that voila.!! not disappointed at all , this is admirable .. beach boys  meet modern people .. wow ..!!! brilliant album..!!its very detailed in particular instrument and processing vocals, all create a pattern of traditional folk music of this sounds pretty unusual and sometimes brought to a place that is really new, with  guitar layers mixed with other instruments are awesome, great and fantastic is the right words and maybe too fast because they just do 1 full album and I will not go into a song per song here.

Ragged Wood brought a new spirit and very brave movement ... maybe if the floods of information is not too fast Fleet foxes can be quite blatant because it's out of the complexity of the music they're still tucked up neatly kept ringing tone catchy and singable ... nice ..!!

In addition to their Ragged wood.. fleet foxes also issued a sun giant e.p, where this e.p was very representative for the introduction of their music with a different feelings from the ragged wood.. very good introduction..!!

Cos this is a personal review I don't know what else to write here but if one day I had an opportunity to meet them in person I wanted to ask them ..are you not afraid to be a band that's too good and too perfect...??

-elang eby-
*i wrote this review for DAB magazine Vol 16 (nov-des 09)
  contact : DAB MAGAZINE 

so here they are:
Pecknold, Skjelset, Tillman, Wargo, Wescott.
More about them : FLEET FOXES

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Storn ( Bandung based analog synthesizer )

This is the first storn analog synthesizer back in 2001...so this is the 001 serial number
that day me and evan from storn brainstorming about to create analog synth home made and heaven yeah we did it..and if you already heard Polyester embassy - tragicomedy (2006) album this synthesizer screaming a lot in numbers of song.

Look how sweet she is in my old room and proud to standing next to roland strings with moogerfooger modulator..;)

My experiment with this Storn 001 analog synthesizer...endjoy..!!!


Semipermanent - the fuzz

The fuzz

we are the fuzz
we are the hiss
we are the tube screamin
blow out blow out..!!!
screaming round and around
skip for this one

we are the fuzz
we are the hiss
we are the tube screamer
blow out blow out..!!!
screaming round and around
skip for this one

this is the risk if we talking loud
more force we apply more troubles we make
this is the risk and we'll talking loud
more force we apply more troubles we make

let's move say something anything we like
let's move say something anything we hate

i can resign
i'll walk alone
i can redesign
i still walk alone


This my other music project call Semipermanent
hope you love this as we love to doing this

More about us : SEMIPERMANENT

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

cool caps is cool caps workhouse

This is your introduction to our workhouse
Be well prepared for this cool caps guys..!!

Contact : COOL CAPS

Fender always be a Fender

I really love the sounds of this fender amps
You'll heard this fender sounds on Polyester embassy next releases
this amp was used by sidik to recorded the new stuff

Here's the specification : TWINREVERB

Lavatory labs

This is the place where my voices recorded by hendra of RNRM
hopefully everythings going right for polyester embassy next releases
so wish me luck on this session matey ;)

just in case you don't know about him... here's : HendraRNRM

oooh i love this plastic camera soooo much...!!!

This is my first experiment with this tiny camera...hope you like it folks..;)

Goldenhalf said : Goldenhalf is a half size format camera for 135 films. 72 photos could be produced with a 135 -36 exp. film. apertures of the camera are ; F11= sunny F8,5=when cloudy and F11=when you use flash. so throw away your book and why don't you go out..!!!

More about Goldenhalf : BOOOOOOOM

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

cool caps is cool caps is cool caps is cool caps...!!!

On Feb 16th 2010 Me and my boy friend Lee do Mamentoz decided to make a headwear line project call cool caps..and we hope we can made a caps as cool as your cool caps...so wait for our headup update..!!!

For more details : COOL CAPS

bread+butter=chemical+paper -A.A

Balloon and Hohner Pic by Ardo ardhana with SX70 Polaroid land camera (sx70 TZ film)
More about SX 70 : WIKIWIKI

Ladies and gentlement we're floating on something..!!!

This is El-Zibriel Pic by Zeke khaseli for Salakazalaka

Music and Project details of me friend : ZEKE KHASELI