Sunday, 25 July 2010

Polyester embassy's Merchandise

Since many people ask where can i get Polyester embassy's Merchandise?
so i decided to post it here...
Here's our latest issues :

For Direct order please call or send SMS to : 08562205068
For More info and Picture : Polyester embassy's facebook page

Available Offline :


Wednesday, 14 July 2010

::Bright New Beginning:: ( EASTON X ZEKE KHASELI )

Zeke Khaseli becomes a brand ambassador for its premium denim, Easton.
The contract was signed on June 14, 2010 in a duck restaurant..Flower City Bandung.

Left to Right : Zeke Khaseli, Elang Eby, Harlan Boer

Zeke and Easton will soon conduct joint activities. Also of course designing denim production special edition with the theme of the Zeke Khaseli Album, "Salacca Zalacca".
So Let's Roll Brothaaa...

More Update Soon: EASTON and ZEKE KHASELI

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Polaroid studio express x CAPO x Elang eby ( 2007)

That year i have this camera that i bought from an old school camera's New Old Stock.;)
and i Sell it to my Multiply's Friend at the same year...

But before i Lost this camera i've shoot A Capo Exhibition and this is my trial shoot..Endjoy :

hmmm..should i called this A Laser Guide To Failure...;)

The Back paper of Polaroid 125i Film

JJ - Let Go

This is my latest favorite female voice...this song was played for 125 times and still count on my itunes.
and now its a short massage alert sounds on my phone..damn this is good ,so addicted and Happy for it..
so endjoy the video and the Track :


All I have left is my soul fall
left me with this winter so cold
Take me away like I overdosed on heroin

Baby we were born for fun or maybe to sleep in the sun
A place where new waves come in
A place to begin

Let go let the wind blow
throw back your head tonight
Let´s go let your friend know
That you´re here on the beach by my side

Called me today on the phone the sound guided me home
I´ll never be alone again ´cause I´ve got a friend

Let go let your skin show
That you´ve been in the sun today
Let´s go let your mind blow
All your sorrows away

More info : JJ