Wednesday, 29 December 2010


OOOh how musch i miss My project with Alphawaves :(:(


Monday, 15 November 2010

Easton: Comrade's Playlist

Comrade is a form of categorization or label mean “Partner” or “Friend,”. Furthermore, it’s a minimalist concept of art called Appreciation and they called it EASTON COMRADE. Easton Comrade is our appreciation to those who lives in Indonesia either outside Indonesia and managed to make various great works. It doesn’t have to be musician, but everyone with great reputation and, of course, good character in creating something deserves to be an Easton Comrade. As an original product of Indonesian youth, and very proud about “Eastern,” it is common if we give a positive appreciation to Eastern people (read: Indonesian) who makes other people’s countries or Indonesia itself as creation and expression fields.

Creative, classy works is a good reason for this appreciation We have several names who has chosen as EASTON COMRADE:
1. Zeke Khaseli (Art Musician) – Easton Comrade for Jakarta, Indonesia
2. The Trees and The Wild (Band) – Easton Comrade for Jakarta, Indonesia
3. Jag Jago & Memby Jago of The Ghost of a Thousand (Band) – Easton Comrades for Brighton, UK
4. Nutyas Surya Gumilang a.k.a NSG(Hip Hop Musician) – Easton Comrade for London, UK
5. Osvaldo Nugroho (DJ & Producer) – Easton Comrade for Beijing, China
6. Jojo Draven (Guitarist & Music Scorer) – Easton Comrade for Los Angeles, USA
7. Astrid Suryanto (Singer) – Easton Comrade for New York, USA
8. Dylan Sada (Photographer) – Easton Comrade for New York, USA
9. Sarasvati (Singer) – Easton Comrade for Auckland, New Zealand

Also Available at : SPIKESOUNDS RADIO

Thursday, 4 November 2010

EASTON SUMMEROFF Program before the New season come !!

It's end by Nov 15th 2010
so hurry up guys...!!

Just go straight to :

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Polyester embassy Live at Java Rocking Land..!!

Pic by Random Great Photographer : Alex aromatica, Nikensari Pristandari, Indra boxy, Ardibal Muhamad, Dimas Wisnuwardono, Islam widya waluya, Marwan ai islami, Anisa B Nasyir

Thanks for Capturing and share this Great moment..See you guys next gigs..:)

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Limited edition of Coolcaps is cool's 5 panel..!!!

This products only available at booth at Java Rockingland Festival 2010 this week, so get em fresh!

We are doing some collaboration project with wawbaw exclusively for pasar seni ITB 2010, wawbaw is an illustrator who created anything using canvas and ink.

360 Preview

Cool caps blog : COOLCAPS
wawbaw site : WAWBAW

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Semipermanent - The Fuzz (Free Download + Artwork )

Pic and Artwork cover by Elang eby


The fuzz

we are the fuzz
we are the hiss
we are the tube screamin
blow out blow out..!!!
screaming round and around
skip for this one

we are the fuzz
we are the hiss
we are the tube screamer
blow out blow out..!!!
screaming round and around
skip for this one

this is the risk if we talking loud
more force we apply more troubles we make
this is the risk and we'll talking loud
more force we apply more troubles we make

let's move say something anything we like
let's move say something anything we hate

i can resign
i'll walk alone
i can redesign
i still walk alone


Download link : Semipermanent - The Fuzz Mp3
Rehersal Video : Semipermanent - The fuzz

Friday, 24 September 2010

#Words !!!


I walked into the sea, wading in until the water was over my head.

Deeper and deeper i swam until out of air i drowned.
For a long time i remained in the dark waters twisting and turning slowly in the currents.all was black and very quite and finally time stopped.

Gradually the sea bottom rose and the water became shallow and warm and there was a glimmer of light from the sun. Feeling something stirring within me i realized i was still alive. I began to swim towards the surface, towards the light. Ever upward, at first feebly, gradually stronger, until with broad strokes of my wings I burst into the sunlight.

Shimmering droplets of water cascaded down my back as I rose into the air finally free of the darkness of the depths.
To hell and back I have journeyed, but I am one of the lucky few---I have returned. something is very different though. Where before i merely walked on the earth now I fly on the wind. Soaring and swooping with ease, faster and faster i fly with a joy that knows no bounds. Look over your shoulder. See me silhouetted against the sun.
I'm an eagle
I'm a grand eagle
And i have come home.

Dedicated to beloved Janis L Rasheeda
thx for delivering me Home..;)


Elang eby

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Semipermanent - A waiting love..i am white..!! ( Free Download + Artwork )

Pic and Cover Artwork by Elang eby

: Lyric :

I am white so pale
Walking too far from the sun
I am shivering so cold
Flying too high into night skies

I am lost unconscious
trap on a scary labyrinth
I am alone here need to be found
Waiting for a love. Waiting for a love


Download : Semipermanent-A waiting love..i am white..mp3

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

2nd Single from Zeke khaseli-Don't worry Darlin..endjoy..!!

single ke-2 dari album "salacca zalacca" zeke khaseli - don't worry darlin'. -

visit indonesia every year - saya suka kartu pos dan gambar-gambar menakjubkan alam indonesia serta budayanya.
pilih daerah mana yang belum engkau kunjungi dan mari kita pilih waktu yang tepat utk kesana.
oiya, jangan lupakan olah raga utk fisik badan kita, demi kesegaran lahir batin. hop hop olah raga!!

sutradara dan kamera anggun, editor 11oi.
pemain adalah arab machio, buce franz dan poppie daku.
asisten produksi eko hariyadi.

produksi juli 2010.


Sunday, 1 August 2010

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Polyester embassy's Merchandise

Since many people ask where can i get Polyester embassy's Merchandise?
so i decided to post it here...
Here's our latest issues :

For Direct order please call or send SMS to : 08562205068
For More info and Picture : Polyester embassy's facebook page

Available Offline :


Wednesday, 14 July 2010

::Bright New Beginning:: ( EASTON X ZEKE KHASELI )

Zeke Khaseli becomes a brand ambassador for its premium denim, Easton.
The contract was signed on June 14, 2010 in a duck restaurant..Flower City Bandung.

Left to Right : Zeke Khaseli, Elang Eby, Harlan Boer

Zeke and Easton will soon conduct joint activities. Also of course designing denim production special edition with the theme of the Zeke Khaseli Album, "Salacca Zalacca".
So Let's Roll Brothaaa...

More Update Soon: EASTON and ZEKE KHASELI

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Polaroid studio express x CAPO x Elang eby ( 2007)

That year i have this camera that i bought from an old school camera's New Old Stock.;)
and i Sell it to my Multiply's Friend at the same year...

But before i Lost this camera i've shoot A Capo Exhibition and this is my trial shoot..Endjoy :

hmmm..should i called this A Laser Guide To Failure...;)

The Back paper of Polaroid 125i Film

JJ - Let Go

This is my latest favorite female voice...this song was played for 125 times and still count on my itunes.
and now its a short massage alert sounds on my phone..damn this is good ,so addicted and Happy for it..
so endjoy the video and the Track :


All I have left is my soul fall
left me with this winter so cold
Take me away like I overdosed on heroin

Baby we were born for fun or maybe to sleep in the sun
A place where new waves come in
A place to begin

Let go let the wind blow
throw back your head tonight
Let´s go let your friend know
That you´re here on the beach by my side

Called me today on the phone the sound guided me home
I´ll never be alone again ´cause I´ve got a friend

Let go let your skin show
That you´ve been in the sun today
Let´s go let your mind blow
All your sorrows away

More info : JJ

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Cool Caps Is Cool ( Teaser Video )

A Teaser Video For : COOLCAPS

Aradaz VST plug in...Free...!!!

If you're into a Music Software here's some good news for you
it's a VST plug in For your guitar
and yess this VST was made by the lead singer of Bandung Pop punk experimental band called Disconnected
i've try one of them and it's sounds great
so happy trying guys..;);)

There a lot of great stuff on his blog
Here's the Blog : ARADAZ VST
Here's the Band : DISCONNECTED

and please donate for his work to show your support..!!
it's worthies

Friday, 11 June 2010

NSG is IN DA HOUSE YOOO..!!!brap brap brap..

yeaah finally meet the fat brilliant boy :: NSG yeahh yeaahh...brap

Just in case you don't know about him
he's an Indonesian who stay in London
He's a DJ Remixer
He's a Music Artist
He's a Producer Songwritter
He's a Video Blogger
And i really think he'll gonna be huge Out there with his Brilliant talent

here's some of his work
correct me if i'm wrong but i just think this is a lo-fi hip to the hop kind of stuff
this is the first video i saw a years ago

it's call BADMAN endjoy::

and the second video i saw is HOLD ME CLOSER
this one is my favorite even he said he doesn't really like this stuff
cos it's not so him he said...but whatever..;);)
it's a soulfull and powerfull track endjoy..::

and yes cos he's a Producer and a songwritter
he also produce some artist under his label NSGmusic
here's LOGIC with GET UP "freestyle" by NSG music
this one is Raw kind of stuff but yess i still love it as well..;)
Enjoy Logic ::

There's a tons of video on his Youtube channel :: NSG MUSIC
and check out his Blog too : :NSG UK