Friday, 11 June 2010

NSG is IN DA HOUSE YOOO..!!!brap brap brap..

yeaah finally meet the fat brilliant boy :: NSG yeahh yeaahh...brap

Just in case you don't know about him
he's an Indonesian who stay in London
He's a DJ Remixer
He's a Music Artist
He's a Producer Songwritter
He's a Video Blogger
And i really think he'll gonna be huge Out there with his Brilliant talent

here's some of his work
correct me if i'm wrong but i just think this is a lo-fi hip to the hop kind of stuff
this is the first video i saw a years ago

it's call BADMAN endjoy::

and the second video i saw is HOLD ME CLOSER
this one is my favorite even he said he doesn't really like this stuff
cos it's not so him he said...but whatever..;);)
it's a soulfull and powerfull track endjoy..::

and yes cos he's a Producer and a songwritter
he also produce some artist under his label NSGmusic
here's LOGIC with GET UP "freestyle" by NSG music
this one is Raw kind of stuff but yess i still love it as well..;)
Enjoy Logic ::

There's a tons of video on his Youtube channel :: NSG MUSIC
and check out his Blog too : :NSG UK

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