Tuesday, 13 July 2010

JJ - Let Go

This is my latest favorite female voice...this song was played for 125 times and still count on my itunes.
and now its a short massage alert sounds on my phone..damn this is good ,so addicted and Happy for it..
so endjoy the video and the Track :


All I have left is my soul fall
left me with this winter so cold
Take me away like I overdosed on heroin

Baby we were born for fun or maybe to sleep in the sun
A place where new waves come in
A place to begin

Let go let the wind blow
throw back your head tonight
Let´s go let your friend know
That you´re here on the beach by my side

Called me today on the phone the sound guided me home
I´ll never be alone again ´cause I´ve got a friend

Let go let your skin show
That you´ve been in the sun today
Let´s go let your mind blow
All your sorrows away

More info : JJ

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