Saturday, 10 April 2010

*Fleet foxes - Ragged wood Review

A New band released by Sub Pop and Bella union records...hmmm who's not interested to this releases..??;) consists of 5 peoples multi instrumentalist but it didn't make the band sounds boring.

Actually I hope this is a new release of "midlake" ... but other than that voila.!! not disappointed at all , this is admirable .. beach boys  meet modern people .. wow ..!!! brilliant album..!!its very detailed in particular instrument and processing vocals, all create a pattern of traditional folk music of this sounds pretty unusual and sometimes brought to a place that is really new, with  guitar layers mixed with other instruments are awesome, great and fantastic is the right words and maybe too fast because they just do 1 full album and I will not go into a song per song here.

Ragged Wood brought a new spirit and very brave movement ... maybe if the floods of information is not too fast Fleet foxes can be quite blatant because it's out of the complexity of the music they're still tucked up neatly kept ringing tone catchy and singable ... nice ..!!

In addition to their Ragged wood.. fleet foxes also issued a sun giant e.p, where this e.p was very representative for the introduction of their music with a different feelings from the ragged wood.. very good introduction..!!

Cos this is a personal review I don't know what else to write here but if one day I had an opportunity to meet them in person I wanted to ask them ..are you not afraid to be a band that's too good and too perfect...??

-elang eby-
*i wrote this review for DAB magazine Vol 16 (nov-des 09)
  contact : DAB MAGAZINE 

so here they are:
Pecknold, Skjelset, Tillman, Wargo, Wescott.
More about them : FLEET FOXES

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