Friday, 16 April 2010

The Radio dept - Clinging to a scheme (a picture + a story = a free download)

This polaroid picture was taken in Eldorado Bandung during their soundcheck..a night before the concert..
so my range was less than an inch from them..i use polaroid double expusure land camera (acctually this camera is multiple exposure as much as you want it)..

when the film process was finish.. i showed it to mr.Johan duncanson (his faces quite surprised:) and he ask :Hey when you take this picture..??? and there's a chit chat of me and i lend him a marker to put some caption for this picture...and again he said : OK i keep it first so i give it to you until i found the right caption!! i let him walkaway and doing the soundcheck..;)

yess we've meet again and he gave me this master picture then i ask to him : What is "Clinging to a scheme" anyway..???and he answer : i don't know maybe that's our next album on and so on..bla bla bla...

Two years after :

Just like he said....

The Radio dept - Clinging to a scheme (2010)

Fore more info and Legal Free Download : THE RADIO DEPT

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  1. that's so cool!!! i love the band and it's a cool story of the album name!